Kütüphane Programı  - It’s one of my programmes that I have developed for the library of my school. I coded it only in three This is a short time for a programme like this but now over 600 schools are using this in their libraries in Turkey.
   Çekiliş Sitesi  - Fast and secure raffle website on
   Akıllı Kilit  - Lock app for smart boards.
   Çekiliş Programı  - It’s a programme that you can raffle about everything.It has over 20,000 users around the world. It has four versions. I am developing it since 2009.
   QR Kod Oluşturucu  - You can generate QR Codes whatever you wish.
   Format Sonrası  - Mass program installation after format computer. etc..
   YBYB  - Print spooler service restarter. Also shared active directory computers with GPO.